Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Only FIVE days left to make your donation count DOUBLE!

Thanks to a group of our generous donors, you now have the power to feed twice as many hungry children, to provide the food they so desperately need to survive.

Send your gift before this Sunday -- Easter -- and it will be matched, dollar-for-dollar. To help, please visit www.foodforthepoor.org/eastergift.

Haitian Marie Geleen and her baby, Nelanda, 1, are pictured here. They live in an area that grows rice, but they can’t find any buyers for their rice, so there is no money for fruits, vegetables, and protein. Last year’s rice crop was spoiled by floods, so there is even less food than normal. Like thousands of other Haitian children, the young Gelens are suffering from malnutrition, slowly starving to death.

Hunger in Haiti is threatening innocent children’s chances for survival. World food prices have hit a record high and will likely not fall soon. This is devastating news for poor families struggling to recover from last year’s catastrophic earthquake, the recent cholera outbreak, and flooding. Vulnerable and anguished, they are forced to watch their children starve.

You can provide lifesaving food to starving children today and provide nutrition to children who have nothing. Please visit www.foodforthepoor.org/eastergift today to help.

Thank you for your continued support!

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