Wednesday, March 9, 2011

During Lent, don’t just give something up — GIVE comfort to the desperate poor

“We didn’t eat today,” Philomise whispered inside her mud hut in northern Haiti. “Yesterday, we got a little something from a neighbor.” When her children ask why there is no food, Philomise tenderly encourages them to try to sleep so they won’t think about their hunger. The woeful mother then sits up, waits and prays for her husband to return with any sign of hope.

“Can you ease my suffering?”

Every day, Philomise Phanor asks God this heart-rending question. She is a mother paralyzed with anguish and stress over not being able to feed her children. Her despair has seized her emaciated body and soul. Philomise’s spirit has no rest.

Suffering plagues this family’s life. But you have the power to ease her pain. You can bring relief to this suffering mother in need.

Through your compassion, destitute mothers like Philomise will be reminded that they are not alone. Your gift for lifesaving food will bring relief and comfort to those who have nowhere else to turn. Please share your love by giving a gift today.

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